For Christmas delivery, please ensure orders are placed by the appropriate deadlines. 

  • Jewelry orders - Nov 12
  • Embroidery orders (item in stock) Dec 7
  • Embroidery orders (item not in stock) Dec 1
  • Beaded Purses Nov 26

Karson Lane will be closed during December 19 - 27.  Orders can still be placed, but will not be processed until after the 27nd.  If you would like to place an order but need it by a specific date, please send us an email to shop@karsonlane.com and we will be glad to see if we can accommodate.  Thank you for your understanding.

I do not understand how to enter the initials. Help me!

We would love to help! We request that you enter initials in the order of First Name, Middle Name, and then Last Name for most items. Then we do ask that you confirm the last name initial on the line below so we can understand which letter needs to go in the center in a larger style if you choose the female style monogram. For example, if you name was Alice Brook Childers, you would enter your initials ABC. Then you would choose Female Style and confirm the last name initial as C, and the order that would appear for your monogram would be aCb when we make the order. If you have ANY questions about this, just write out the person's full name in the order comments section so we can be sure to follow your instructions.

Please note: If you enter confusing information or you enter these details incorrectly, we are not liable for the mistake and we will not send a free redo item.

If you have any questions or if this information is not clear, please just contact us prior to ordering.

What's the difference in Monogram Types?

Please note: Interlocking Monogram is normally used for females only. With both the Interlocking and Round Monograms, the last name will be the largest letter in the center. The Round Monogram can be used for both males and females. The Block Monogram (normally the male monogram) will appear First Name, Middle Name, and Last Name in all caps. Cursive lettering is for full names, dates, or written text. All crystal and embroidered items will be personalized as they are shown in the photograph.

Can I mail you something I own to monogram?

We are sorry but right now we are unable to do this. We cannot accept outside items to monogram.

Can I pick up my order locally instead of paying shipping?

Unfortunately at this time we are unable to offer local pickup. We apologize for the inconvenience. For the time being, if you would like to learn about a shipping discount you can always Contact Us to learn about free shipping coupons!

What is your return policy?

All products from are final sale due to the personalized nature of monogrammed gifts.

I received my order and something is wrong.

If we made a mistake on your order don't worry, we will get you a replacement. Contact Us with your order number so we can help fix the mistake.

Please note, we cannot replace items for free unless is was our mistake. For example, if you placed your order but you chose the wrong color thread on the order, we will not replace it for free. If the mistake was Karson Lane's fault then don't worry. We will pay for the replacement.